Financial Readiness Training

Note: This event has already passed.

Date: Jun 23 2018, 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Financial Readiness Program - 4260 Gigling Road Bldg. 4260 Ord Military Community 93955 Google Map

Lesson 1: Principles of Personal Finance
Why I Need to Manage My Money
Getting Control of Your Finances
Steps to Financial Management
Pay, Allowances and Benefits
LES/My Pay

Lesson 2: Planning & Budgeting
Develop a Cash-Flow Budget
Military Specific Issues
Family Financial Issues

Lesson 3: Banking & Checking Accounts
Checking Accounts/Debit Cards
Balance Checking Account

Lesson 4: Using Credit Wisely (Credit Cards) Video
Are Credit Cards a Good Thing?
Credit Card Management
Getting Installment Loans
Protecting Your Credit Health
Cleaning up Bad Credit
Bankruptcy - The Last Resort
Soldier Sailors Civil Relief Act 6%

Lesson 5: Savings and Investing (IRA’s, TSP)
Basics of Investing/Setting Goals
Bet on Getting Old, Invest in Your Future
TSP & IRA’s Mutual Funds
Financial Independence

Lesson 6: Large Purchases
Be a Wise Buyer
Buying a Vehicle
Buying Expensive Items
Do Your Research

Lesson 7: Insurance
What Insurance do I need, Don’t need
Getting the Most for Your Money,
    Life, Vehicle, Personal (Renters Ins)

Lesson 8: Consumer Scams and Pay Day Loans
Untruths In Advertising/Mail Scams
Identity Theft
Where to get Help
Predatory Lending
Pay Day Loans
Avoiding the Trap
Where to get Help



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